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Reversible Windows

TheĀ  Fully Reversible sash window from VEKA is a design revelation.

The entire sash of this double glazed window can be turned back on itself to allow cleaning of the outer side with no intrusion of moving parts on your home's interior - perfect for upper levels of multi-storey buildings - it can also simply open in a conventional top hung fashion.

Fast gaining popularity throughout all areas of the UK, the Fully Reversible sash window complies completely with the Scottish and NI double glazing building regulations.

Constructed using VEKA Matrix 70 profile, the Fully Reversible excels in both aesthetics and reliability. Designed to accept any desired glazing option, this window is suitable for you to specify the energy rating of your choice A, B or C.

Fully Reversibles are available in a spectrum of colours, the most popular being white sash windows and woodgrain effects such as Golden Oak windows and Rosewood and also woodgrain effect outside and white inside.

Fully Reversible Windows