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Casement Windows

Casement Window

  • Available in a full range of top and side hung styles.
  • 70mm frame depth, internally beaded, offering improved installation and glazing practice.
  • All profiles fully sculptured with a true 17.5mm sculptured radius for a more traditional appearance.
  • All sashes have full depth Eurogroove , offering choice of shootbolt fittings to meet all specifications.
  • Design of outer frames and mullions incorporates a positive location for friction stays to ensure correct operation.
  • Designed to glaze a 28mm unit centrally within the profile, combining improved appearance with maximum thermal performance.
  • Option to glaze up to 40mm triple glazed units.
  • Fitted with weldable gaskets/weather seals offering improved appearance and performance characteristics.
  • Low sightline gaskets o ffering improved overall appearance and easier cleaning of the glass.
  • Comprehensive set of ancillaries, allowing many different installation details to be accommodated.
  • Three outer frames; 56mm, 70mm & 85mm, catering for different installation details and window, conservatory and door styles.
  • 70mm frame can also be welded to 85mm frame, maintaining the reinforcement chamber, catering for different installation details without need for add-ons.
  • 4 mullions, catering for different installation details, performance requirements and window/door styles.

The VEKA Matrix fully-sculptured System is extremely popular. With curves and slender sightlines it captures all the best features of timber, with the added advantages of a technically advanced PVC-U system.

Underneath its striking, fully-sculptured good looks is one the most technically advanced frames on the market, with superior weather resistance, heat insulation and physical strength – all from a recyclable material. The window design will accept any glazing requirement making it perfect for homeowners concerned about energy ratings.

Window Casements

Size capabilities - Maximum size capabilities of outer frame & sash - Maximum exposure 1200 pascals

  Max Width Max Height
Outer Frame 3000mm 3000mm
Top Hung Sash 13000mm *1400mm
Side Hung Sash 838 *1400mm
*Using heavy duty stays    
  • Designed to allow 8,000mm2 ventilation to ensure ease of compliance with building regs for new build and replacement purposes.
  • Slim 75mm sculptured sash for optimum performance and appearance incorporating continuous reinforcement at lock case for added strength and security; Available in white, cherrywood, rosewood and wood grain on white.