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Millboard Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Gordon & Strathern are pro-installers of Millboard, a new generation of decking. It is completely wood free and has been specifically designed to eliminate the shortcomings often associated with timber decking such as on-going maintenance, slippery surfaces and rot. Millboard is made using a polyurethane and mineral blend, and it is this which makes it one of the most stable, durable and low maintenance composite decking solutions available in today’s market.

Is the Decking Maintenance Free?

Algae will thrive in most places where there is a porous or damp surface, and will feed off any dirt or protein which is embedded in the surface of the decking. Due to fact that Millboard contains no wood content and is coupled with the non-porous Lastane outer layer, it means that Millboard composite decking will not play host to any algae growth. Furthermore, the Lastane is non-porous so it creates a virtual ‘self-cleansing’ surface, whereby the rain washes off most of the surface debris. It is ‘Fit and forget’ decking.

Is it Anti-Slip?

Yes it is. In addition to being wood-free, the softer Lastane outer layer enhances the slip-resistance, providing an unparalleled anti-slip surface. Not only does it provide the highest anti-slip surface in its class, it also maintains its performance as it resists the slippery algae growth; making it one of the safety decking solutions available.

Is the Decking Stain Resistant?

Once again the Lastane finish ensures that drink and food spillages do not soak into the surface of the composite decking boards, they just wipe off leaving it clean without staining the surface. Now you can enjoy your outdoor living without the maintenance or hassle worry.

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Millboard Composite Decking:

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